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Dr. Francesca Cerutti – Italy

Dr. Francesca Cerutti – Italy

2007: Graduated with honor in dentistry from the University of Brescia – Faculty of Medicine

2013: PhD in Materials for the Engineering from the University of Brescia – Faculty of Engineering

2016: Master in Aesthetic Medicine

Francesca Cerutti has been a speaker in national and international congresses.

Member of the Italian Society of Endodontics, she has been Editorial coordinator of the Italian Endodontic Journal from 2008 to 2011.

She was Visiting Professor at the University of Milan.

She is Gold Member of Style Italiano Endodontics.

Reviewer for international journals, she published several articles in peer-reviewed papers.

She is co-author of restorative dentistry and endodontics books.

Lecture topic- Failures in endodontics: an epidemiological and clinical analysis
Speaker – Dr Francesca Cerutti – CURRICULUM VITAE

Failure is an unpleasant event that is present in every field of dentistry, even in endodontics. At a first sight, the outcome of the endodontic therapy is high when we consider initial treatment, but it decreases significantly when retreatment is involved. The background, speciality training and equipment of the operator can make a huge difference in the success rate of endodontic treatment, specially in complex cases and in endodontic surgery.

What is considered as “failure” in endodontics? What are the factors influencing the success rate of endodontics? What are the most common causes of failure? What can be done to avoid the most diffused mistakes leading to the failure of the therapy? What should we do when facing a failed treatment?

This lecture will explore what reported in the Literature and apply it to various clinical cases.