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Dr. Ajay Bajaj – India

Dr. Ajay Bajaj – India

He is Professor and Endodontic course Director at Unversitat Jaume I, Spain since 2020.

He is a practising Endodontist from Mumbai, India. He has completed BDS in 1999 and Masters in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics in 2002. He has been awarded “Best Postgraduate Student National award” during his Post Graduation days.

He has been lecturing in Endodontics since 2001. He has done around 445 lectures and courses so far for general dentists and endodontists across the globe. He has done 65 live Endo procedures including single sitting Root canal treatment, Retreatment and Separated Instrument Removal. He is Jury to various Dental Awards since 8 years.

He is National accessor of NABH- Indian National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare.

He Has written original articles in various journals. He has experience of more than 30,000 root canals in last 20 years.

AT SIE 1st Conference in Greece-

For Micro-Mega:

Workshop – Modern reciprocation preparations for routine and challenging cases

 We have been using rotary and reciprocating motions in Endodontics for a while now. They come with their pros and cons. Here is the new One Reci system which helps you prepare canals at ease with innovative changes in file design to take care of the most of the challenges.

Lecture – Management of curved canals- newer techniques

We tackle with degrees of curvatures in canals everyday. Although we follow many techniques, difficulties still remain! Here are some new techniques to prepare curved canals Easier.

For Woodpecker:

Workshop – Hedge the ledge! Ledge management with T mode technique

Ledges are one of the most common difficulties in canal preparation in treatment as well as retreatment cases. New AI Motor with T mode with innovative vertical reciprocation motion helps manage ledges in altogether new motion.

Lecture – Ultrasonics in Endodontics, must in daily practice

Ultrasonics has been in use in Endodontics. With more use of magnification and newer tip designs, ultrasonics should be used in Endodontics at all stages- from Access cavity refinement to obturation to retreatments. This lecture will be video presentation of many such techniques.