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The main theme of the Congress is Endodontic Retreatment. With 30 lectures, all aspects of this intriguing subject, from diagnosis to permanent restoration are going to be covered thoroughly, always along the “feasible, teachable, repeatable” philosophy of Style Italiano Endodontics. The topics of the Congress cover an array of different subjects such as epidemiology of the post treatment disease and case selection, diagnostic procedures for endodontic failure, techniques for removing intracoronal and intracanal obstructions, disinfection and final obturation of the root canal system, management of complications, endodontic surgery and re-surgery, and restoration of the endodontically retreated tooth. Sponsored lectures will provide a valuable insight to the newest instruments and techniques offered by the industry as well as new concepts.

In addition to the scientific program, 18 different workshops will give the chance to the participants to improve their clinical skills and interact with the key opinion leaders in the industry, ensuring that upon their return to their practices they will be wiser and more eager to perform high-end endodontic treatments and retreatments. Workshops will focus on retreatment topics such as gutta-percha and posts removal, removal of separated instruments, use of the ultrasonics in retreatment, surgical retreatment etc. Workshops regarding the latest in endodontic instrument technology will be available too. Masterclasses like the world famous MasterMTA as well as warm vertical compaction, advanced microscope training, fiber reinforced restorations and a CBCT studying session will take place for a limited number of participants. Last but not least, a workshop on the entire process of constructing a digital surgical guide, from intraorally and extraorally scanning the patient, to 3D-printing and finishing the guide will take place for participants willing to familiarize themselves with this state of the art procedure. Book your seat now and benefit from our offers.

Official language

The official language of the Congress is going to be English, following the SIE Facebook page’s guidelines.

Book signing

Have your own copy of the Style Italiano Endodontics Retreatments book signed by two of the main authors, Professors Fabio Gorni and Pio Bertani. Also get to meet and socialize with them and/or take a picture on the photo opportunity wall.